Prep Week

I made the decision to stop making excuses, and do what was best for my health. This week I am starting a new “diet” program. I use the word “diet” in quotations because while the program does focus on eating well and portion control over exercise, it is meant to be more of a guide towards a lifestyle change rather than a one time diet. And let’s be honest, when it comes to health, most of us could really use a change!

Sunday, I started the prep week. During prep week I have to focus on things like eliminating artificial sweeteners from my diet, and drinking half my body weight in water. I’ll be honest, I weigh 165 lbs and barely drink 16 oz on a normal day. I am absolutely one of those people who could use an IV. Otherwise, I’d probably be severely dehydrated on another diet or workout regimen. 

During this prep week, I also get to add high fats into my life. (I wish this meant ‘find the nearest Checkers and pig out on their fries,’ but nope.) My favorite good fat foods are salmon and avocado. I have a secret love affair with guacamole. Just thinking about it is getting my stomach excited. It also helps that I recently learned how to make it on my own. Didn’t realize it was so easy! My go to meal will definitely be salmon and guac!

I am beyond ecstatic to make this change….but I really want a large, extra cold Coca-Cola. *drops mic*


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