Easy Chili Recipe

Can’t sleep, so I’ll post the recipe I tried last night. Website below!

Here’s the pic of my version of the chili recipe: 

This chili will DEFINITELY last me the week and it’s very filling. I was lazy and didn’t feel like chopping up vegetables, so I bought the cans already mixed, then added my beans and tomatoes. Using the canned veggies gave me a larger amount for the week. (Yes, it looks like a regular soup/stew in the pic, but it gets thicker.) I also used the basil-oregano canned tomatoes instead of seasoning them during the cooking process. 

I think anyone else may have wanted more of a salty taste, but I’m fine without it. I didn’t use the cumin listed in the recipe, so I’m not sure what kind of flavor I may have missed in combination with the chili powder flavor. Then again, add a little cheese to your chili and you won’t even notice any of those seasonings missing anyway! Either way, this is a recipe I would use again. Here’s the website: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/22919/insanely-easy-vegetarian-chili/?internalSource=amp&referringContentType=amp%20recipe&clickId=amp_directions



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