I’m baaaaack!

Sorry I’ve been gone for FOUR WHOLE MONTHS. I started working on my website, then got called away to stage manage a show in New Jersey. Here, let me give you a PROPER introduction to my life and website!

My name is Felicity Dominique. I am a 28 year old first time mom of a very handsome 10 month old little guy. I was born in Newark, NJ and raised in Montclair, but I recently moved to upstate New York.

Most of my childhood, and some of my adult life, is very blurry. I have TERRIBLE memory and can barely remember what I’ve done over the past few days. That being said, I still have some GOOOOOD aka crazy stories of college life that I will definitely be posting for you guys.

I come from a family of talented artists, musicians, singers, dancers, etc. It was in my blood to be involved with the arts, so that’s what I did. From the time I was 2 years old, I started singing in the church choirs, sitting next to my Nana as she banged out keys on the organ. As I got a bit older, I joined choirs at school, starred in plays, wrote and performed spoken word, and even performed in a few dance shows.

I graduated from Penn State University in 2010 with a Bachelor of Arts in English, Concentration on African-American literature, and a minor in theatre, Concentration on Production. I originally went to Penn State in 2006 with the intention of majoring in English, but they brought theatre back to my (Hazleton) campus for the first time in YEARS and I just knew I had to change my plan of action. I switched to the main campus to study Stage Management, but couldn’t stay in the program because I needed a job to pay for tuition, etc.

It (technically) still worked out in the end. I am a stage manager and have been for about 16 years now, but my paying job for almost 5 years was working in an eye doctor’s office. During my last year at my job, I got pregnant with my AWESOME son, and decided I couldn’t go back to a 9-5 job. I am now in that grey area where I am trying to decide what to do. Should I just pursue theatre? Theatre seems to be the most fun for me. I can’t imagine anything being better.

My blog will focus on what I’m doing in the meantime, while I figure out the answer to that question. There will be plenty of pics and funny stories. I love food and I want to try new recipes, so maybe I’ll be posting my progress with that and can send you some delicious foods! I hope you enjoy.


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